Andre Russell 88* Runs off 36 Balls Innings Video: It's the match number 5 of VIVO IPL 2018 and we've seen some of the magical innings from the all rounder of Kolkata Knight Riders against the game of Chennai Super Kings on the CSK's home ground (Chepauk Stadium). Andre Russell smashes 88 not out runs in just 36 balls with the help of only 1 boundary (4s) and smashing 11 sixes (6s). One of six goes out of the stadium too. You can watch the Andre Russell 88 Runs off 36 balls complete innings on this post within some minutes or a while. We've already seen some magnificent innings from KL Rahul Fastest Fifty IPL 2018, Dwayne Bravo 68 Runs off 30 balls as well as Sunil Narine Innings in this IPL 11. Now, the showtime for Russell in this IPL 11 Season.

Most 6s for KKR in an IPL innings:
  • 13 - Brendon McCullum v RCB, Bangalore, 2008
  • 11 - ANDRE RUSSELL v CSK, Chennai, 2018*
  • 8 - Chris Gayle v KXIP, Kolkata, 2010 
  • 8 - Chris Lynn v GL, Rajkot, 2017

Highest batting career strikes-rates in #IPL
min 20 inns
179.10 - Andre Russell
165.83 - Chris Morris
164.39 - Glenn Maxwell
160.86 - Sunil Narine
160.30 - Krunal Pandya
155.44 - Virender Sehwag

It was raining sixes 🌧️ at Chepauk, courtesy Andre Russell's brilliant knock of 8⃣8⃣* from just 36 balls. 

A total of 1⃣7⃣ sixes with 1⃣1⃣ coming from the bat of Dre Russ. 👌

[Watch Video] Andre Russell 88* Runs off 36 balls Innings IPL 2018 vs CSK

9.54pm A bunch of records broken or equalled tonight: 
  • 1) Russell's 11 sixes was the most (in all T20s) for a batsman who did not score a hundred. 
  • 2) KKR's effort of 17 sixes also equals the record for most sixes in a T20 match at the Chepauk
9.42pm Andre Russell's 11th six has taken Kolkata Knight Riders past the 200-run mark. From a position of 89 for 5 after ten overs, the visitors smacked 113 runs off the final ten to set CSK a target that won't be easy to chase down. Can Dhoni and his men chase this down? We'll find out in ten minutes when the second innings begins.

Here's the big man himself. Russell says: "Special knock for me. I've been doing some work with Jacques. All he told me to do is stay still, so 'just stay still, and you'll be more focused on the ball'. Bravo's my team-mate, a good friend, but I enjoyed the shot that went over the roof. I've learnt a lot since my one-year absence. I've learned how to build an innings. It's a good wicket - ok, not the best wicket, but we have some good discussions in the team meeting. We'll defend this if we stick to our plans."

Thakur to Russell, SIX runs, finishes with a six! Overpitched outside off, but it's in Russell's slot. Goes down on one knee, and smacked over long off! KKR finish on 202 for 6

Thakur to Russell, 1 run, short on off stump, and Russell's pull doesn't come off. Bottom-edges it towards deep midwicket
Thakur to Russell, SIX runs, width offered outside off, and Russell leans into the drive. It's been tonked over the infield, and the ball lands way beyond deep extra cover. That's his tenth maximum!

Watson to Russell, SIX runs, through extra cover's hands! Full outside off, and Russell smacks this over cover. The man in the deep sticks his hands up, but the powerful shot goes through his palm. Brings up his half-century as well

Bravo to Russell, 1 run, good length just outside off, but tailing into Russell. Tapped off the back foot to cover for a quick run
Bravo to Russell, SIX runs, slower ball, and that's a low full toss on middle stump, but Russell winds up early for exactly that delivery. Gets his front leg towards the leg side and frees himself up enough to swing through the ball's line. Hit flat over wide long on
Bravo to Russell, no run, slower ball, on a good length. Pitches on off stump and goes over Russell's attempted cut shot
Bravo to Russell, SIX runs, that's out of the ground! Full on middle and Russell's spotted this early. Down on one knee, and swung over Bravo's head. A full 105 metres and even Shahrukh Khan needs to crane his neck to see that ball
Bravo to Russell, no run, goes short first. Pitches on leg stump, but Russell goes under the delivery. First-bouncer says the umpire

Thakur to Russell, 1 run, good length on off stump, and Russell mistimes his pull to cow corner. They jog across for the single
Thakur to Russell, SIX runs, two in two! It's a full toss on off stump, and Russell's not going to miss out on these. It's pumped over the non-striker's head and lands next to the sightscreen
Thakur to Russell, SIX runs, over pitched outside off, and Thakur pays the price for missing his length. Down on one knee, and muscled by Russell over long on. It's not off the bat's sweet spot, but enough behind it to clear the boundary. Thakur's knuckle ball did not come off

Bravo to Russell, SIX runs, over long on! Dropped in the stands, though. Full on off, in Russell's arc. Huge stride forward and makes a solid base to launch. Goes through with his shot thereafter, and it lands in the first tier
the ball gets a haircut. Bravo's ready to continue now

Watson to Russell, FOUR runs, overpitched wide outside off, and Russell drives this past extra cover! Couldn't get under the ball, but he's got enough power to hit through the ball's line. Breaches the gap between cover and mid off

Stay updated with us for more FAADU Innings like this from VIVO IPL 2018!

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