Dwayne Bravo hits 1st Fifty of VIVO IPL 2018 vs Mumbai Indians

It's the VIVO IPL 2017 time and here, Dwayne Bravo smashes 68 runs off 30 balls against Mumbai Indians in the very 1st match of Indian Premier League Season 11. As the result, CSK won the opening match of VIVO IPL 2018 with this marvellous knock of First VIVO IPL 2018 Fifty. Dwayne Bravo managed to score 68 runs with 3 boundaries (4s) and 7 sixes (6s) as 1st Fifty of IPL 2018. Finally, DJ Bravo again showed his magical moves with his all rounder performance.

VIVO IPL 2018 1st Half Century Dwayne Bravo Innings

VIVO IPL 2018: DJ Bravo slammed IPL fifty 2018 against Mumbai Indians Innings Highlights

Bravo, Man of the Match: It was a great victory and we dedicate it to the CSK fans. CSK showed a lot of faith is me. I came in early and I gave myself my best opportunity to bat. I gave me time to get myself set. It is a small outfield and I back my skills and I am just happy with my effort tonight.

18.6 Wicket
Bumrah to Bravo, OUT, Bumrah stays round the wicket but shifts his length. Bumrah ventures shorter and wider outside off, Bravo loses his timing and his head. He splices a catch to Rohit at mid-off. Is this the game?

DJ Bravo c Sharma b Bumrah 68 (30b 3x4 7x6) SR: 226.66

  • Bumrah to Bravo, SIX runs, Bravo is carrying CSK home. Low full-toss on middle stump, Bravo clears his front leg and wallops it into the stands beyond midwicket for the third six of the over
  • Bumrah to Bravo, SIX runs, full-toss on middle stump, Bumrah isn't getting his lengths right. Bravo sizes it up and smites it over midwicket for back-to-back boundaries
  • Bumrah to Bravo, SIX runs, Bumrah misses his yorker. Goes too full and outside off, Bravo collapses his back leg and lofts it over over the long-off boundary
  • McClenaghan to Bravo, FOUR runs, shorter on middle as Bravo steps out and crunches a pull to the left of deep midwicket for another boundary. Mitch McC continues to leak runs in the death
  • McClenaghan to Bravo, SIX runs, full and veering into the pads, Bravo picks it up and launches it over the midwicket boundary. Not middled but enough to clear the man in the deep

  • McClenaghan to Bravo, SIX runs, very full on middle, Bravo gets underneath the length hoists it over the bowler's head with utter nonchalance. Shot
  • Bumrah to Bravo, SIX runs, full and outside off, Bravo opens up his hips and scythes it flat and hard over extra cover. Hits the ad boards on the flush
  • McClenaghan to Bravo, FOUR runs, Bravo makes room outside leg, and scythes it up and over extra cover. Beats sweeper to his right

  • Mustafizur Rahman to Bravo, FOUR runs, full cutter outside off, Bravo throws his bat at the ball and slices an outside edge to the left of short third man

  • Markande to Bravo, SIX runs, Such a smooth swing from Bravo. Looped up full on middle, dances down the track and launches it over the bowler's head

Stat of the Match:

  • 40 runs were added to the CSK total in the 18th& 19th overs; Bravo had scored 39 from 11 balls, while Imran Tahir had scored just the solitary run from the one ball he faced.

Brief Scores:

  • Mumbai Indians 165-4 (Suryakumar Yadav 43, Krunal Pandya 41*, Ishan Kishan 40, Shane Watson 2-29) lost to Chennai Super Kings 169-9 in 19.5 overs (Dwayne Bravo 68, Mayank Markande 3-23)

Man of the Match:

  • Dwayne Bravo, for his all-round performance (4-0-25-0 & 68 off 30 balls)
11.50pm Rohit Sharma: Not feeling good at the moment. We have to give the credit to Bravo. We tried to get the yorker but we couldn't get it. We need to improve our execution. We were in the game till the 17th over. Anyway, good learning for all of us. With the dew coming it, it was difficult for the bowlers. We felt we were 10-15 runs short.

Kedar Jadhav: I am happy psychologically, but physically I am hurt. I might not play for the next couple of weeks. Bravo gave us the opportunity for us to give a shot at it. I could not run and I told Immy [Imran Tahir] I will take all six balls. With six balls and seven runs, they were bowling same lengths and I just needed a big hit. I had to see how my body was reacting.

Dhoni: CSK v Mumbai is one game everyone wants to watch and we are coming back after two years. Overall, the spectators have been very good.The way Bravo batted it was really good to see him take the responsibility. We could have batted better. I would take plenty of positives out of the game. The mix of players we have got will be more horses for courses. We will have to keep our eye on injury-prone players. I feel keeping things simple is important.

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