IPL 2018 Fastest Half Century smashes by KL Rahul: It's VIVO IPL 2018 match number 2 only and we've seen the Fastest Fifty of IPL 2018 yet. KL Rahul is firing like a crackers all around the ground. Talking about the match, It's the 2nd match, which is played at IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali (KXIP's home ground). In his fastest half century inning, KL Rahul hit 6 boundaries (4s) and 4 maximum sixes (6s). KL again showed his magical shots and tremendous opening performance in this match. KL made fastest fifty by scoring 50 runs off 14 balls in IPL 11 Season. Overall, he made 51 Runs runs in just 16 balls. Overall, It's the 3rd fifty of VIVO IPL 2018. Gautam Gambhir already smashed 55 balls in just 42 balls with help of Chris Morris 27 Runs off 16 balls and Rishabh Pant 28 Runs off 13 balls to score 166/7 runs within 20 overs cricket. KXIP have to make 167 runs to chase this target. Hoping that they will achieve this target easily. Yesterday, In the opening match we've seen the classic performance from DJ Bravo, as Dwayne Bravo hits 68 runs off 30 balls against Mumbai Indians in VIVO IPL.

KL Rahul Fastest Fifty VIVO IPL 2018
KL Rahul Fastest Fifty VIVO IPL 2018

IPL 2018 Fastest Half Century KL Rahul hits 50 Runs off 14 Balls
IPL 2018 Fastest Half Century KL Rahul hits 50 Runs off 14 Balls

4.5 Wicket
Boult to Rahul, OUT, the party is over. Shami takes an excellent catch running backwards at short third man. This is a full toss that angles away, Rahul looks to cleverly whip this behind square but ends up getting a leading edge. Shami called early, made ground and was in total control as it descended. Rahul has done his job though.
KL Rahul c Mohammed Shami b Boult 51 (16b 6x4 4x6) SR: 318.75

KL Rahul Fastest Half Century Innings Highlights vs Delhi Daredevils IPL 2018

Mishra to Rahul, no run, tries to cut a short one and loses shape due to lack of room and gets beaten

Mishra to Rahul, FOUR runs, fastest IPL fifty. KL Rahul, take a bow! A fuller one and Rahul comes down the track and meets the pitch before driving down the pitch to long-on

Mishra to Rahul, FOUR runs, short again, this is tripe from Mishra. Line, length, all no good. Short and no turn and Rahul pulls it away to midwicket

Mishra to Rahul, SIX runs, Mishra slides one into the pads now and Rahul gets down for a sweep and top-edges it to deep fine leg as he falls over

Mishra to Rahul, SIX runs, oh, dear! What short of a delivery is that! Mishra drops it short and Rahul backs away and carts it over long-off. Slapped away

Mishra to Rahul, FOUR runs, shot! Rahul producing a masterclass here. Advances down the ground to a loopy one and splits cover and extra cover with a neat drive

Mohammed Shami to Rahul, 1 run, short of a length, jumps and runs it down to third man with an open face

Mohammed Shami to Rahul, FOUR runs, short of a length outside off, Rahul doesn't entirely get behind the line this time and doesn't middle it. Whipped away off the inside of the bat through square leg

Mohammed Shami to Rahul, SIX runs, six more. Shami bangs it in and angles it in around middle and leg, and Rahul gets the angle he's looking for to swivel and smoke it over fine leg

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