Phir Halla Bol! Anthem RR IPL 2018 - Rajasthan Royals (RR) Theme Song, Mp3, Video, Ringtone Watch Online

It's time for enjoy the VIVO IPL 2018 T20 cricketing season, which is going to kick off April 7. Like always, 8 Teams are participating in this most famous league of the world. Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals is participating in this IPL 11 Season after the suspension of 2 years. Both of the teams are playing IPL since 2008 but not played in the year 2016 and 2017. So in this way, Being a part of IPL 2018 teams, All are super ready to give tough competition to each other. And, Rajasthan Royals has officially launched their new Anthem named 'Phir Halla Bol' to cheer up their team. 'Phir Halla Bol' theme song shows the background of Rajasthani culture with true cricketing spirit for T20 Cricket.  Hence, Rajasthan Royals (RR) has promoted and launched their Theme Song or can say RR Anthem Song on different Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. This Royals Phir Halla Bol theme anthem will also be advertised during all 14 matches of Rajasthan Royals on Star Sports Network as well as other broadcasters of IPL 2018. Meanwhile, Rajasthan Royals replaces the famous team of IPL named Gujarat Lions in this season. And, Game Maari Chhe is Gujarat Lions theme song.
The new Rajasthan Royals anthem is here💥
It’s time to turn up the volume 🔊and #HallaBol with us!

ढोल बजाके, रंग जमाने आये हम! ⚡
अब हमारे साथ मचाओ शोर और हल्ला बोल! 💥
राजस्थान रॉयल्स का नया एंथम आ गया है!


The RR Anthem Song title name is Phir Hall Bol, sung by popular Rajasthani folk singer 'Ila Arun'. which defines the power and enthusiasm of the Rajasthan Royals Team. The RR fans have loved the anthem song, so for all of you, we are providing you here Rajasthan Royals Lyrics, Video, Mp3 for free Download.
Phir Hall Bol Rajasthan Royals RR Anthem Theme Song IPL
Phir Hall Bol Rajasthan Royals RR Anthem Theme Song IPL
So here you can listen and watch online to Rajasthan Royals (RR) theme anthem song and which is also available to download on different websites.

Rajasthan Royals (RR) Theme Song VIVO IPL 2018 Full Lyrics

The song and the film beautifully capture the essence of Rajasthan in the backdrop of its bold contours and myriad hues. It vividly portrays the emotions, the unparalleled love for cricket in the region, and above all, the pride of place that Rajasthan Royals occupy in the hearts of fans.

Trigul baja ke..
Dhol baja ke..
Gagan bhedi machye Shor
Ya dharti dhoraa ri..
Ya dhari veera ri..
Are mahara saat saglaa bol

Dher Se Halla Bol....

(tuning continues...)
(trumpet is playing...)

Halla bol....

Bigul baja ke..
Dhol baja ke..
Rang jamane aaye hum

Are bighul baja ke
Dhol baja ke
Shore machane
Rang jamaane aayeee hum
Ararr arrar ararr arrar arrar ararr arrar
baja hai dhol
Phir Halla Bol... 

(tuning continues..)
(trumpet is playing...)

Tilak lagaake
Baah chadhake
Johar dikhane aaye hum

Arey bigul baja ke
Dhol baja ke
Muchh ghumake
Paghadi bandha ke aayeee hum

Ararr arrar ararr arrar arrar ararr arrar
baja hai dhol
Phir Halla Bol... 

Hallaaa Aaaaaaaa haha Aaaaaaaa
Halla Bol....

Arey kirkit kirkit kirkit kirkit 
Khel kirkit khel kirkit khel kirkit khel kirkit 

Halla Bollllllllll........
Arey chot guma jo teela khod...

Rajasthan Royals.. 
Phir Halla Bol!

“Our anthem has been unique in the sense that it is soaked in the flavour and colour of Rajasthan. PHIR HALLA BOL is a tribute to our fans that have waited with anticipation to see us back in the Indian Premier League. It gives us immense pleasure and happiness to reconnect with our fans. I am absolutely certain they would love our anthem PHIR HALLA BOL, and by the time Rajasthan Royals play their first match in IPL this season, it will be on everyone’s lips,” said Rajasthan Royals co-owner Manoj Badale.

Rajasthan Royals (RR) Theme Song - RR Official Anthem song IPL 2018 Video Watch Online

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